Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tok Aji Serban ( steamed sticky rice layered with coconut and sugar palm pudding)

This kueh if translated into english version - the old man with the turban.. i dont know who created the name at the first place but that is the real name...maybe the old man came from the sticky rice layer and the turban part from the dark brown layer egg pudding on top of it..

This is one of my favourite kueh during ramadhan, the bit of saltines from the rice and sweetness from the pudding really balanced the taste.Seems hard to make... i disagree with that.Let me show you how..

First thing u need to make is the palm sugar syrup
just put everything in a small pot 4 pieces of palm sugar, pinch of salt and about 4 tbsp of water.... just cook on a small flame until everything dissolve and take off the heat, set aside.. move on to next step..wont take much time.. Just in case u dont have any palm sugar, can simply substitute with dark brown sugar about 1 cup... the results might differ *|*....base:

1 Cup glutinous/sticky rice
1/4 cup coconut cream
1/2 cup water
pinch of salt
Place the washed glutinous rice in a baking pan with all the ingredients.Steam it for about 15-20 min approximately .Once the rice cooked, use spoon or anything that u can find in the kitchen to press on it... make it a compact .Set aside .Now we can start making the egg pudding.

The method of making this almost like making the steamed caramel pudding..nothing fancy

for the pudding layer:

5 eggs
1 cup coconut cream
the sugar syrup that we prepared earlier
pinch of salt

How to ?
Just mix all the ingredients in a big bowl (syrup, eggs,coconut cream and pinch of salt). Give it a whisk until well incorporated and pour everything onto the rice base that we made earlier.Again, steam it for about another 15- 20 mins. This kueh is done when you press onto the pudding and it feels springy.Take it out from the steamer and let let it cool.Bon apetit.