Tuesday, July 31, 2012

kuih kesui

hi everyone... i'm back again.. it's a fasting month and what a great opportunity i had .. a long 2 month semester break...  another traditional recipe, my ol time favourite my mom used to make during snack and breakfast... do not worry about the ingredients, sometimes the simplicity still the best opt you had.. done with the kueh today... i made some cream puff and kesui..its 4 pm and i need to get into the kitchen to cook for some meal.. hubby asked for a steamed fish with lemongrass,lemon and pickled garlic... im more into ikan pekasam goreng..  if u like the chewiness, the palm sugar sweet and coconuty.. do try this..
                                     a low quality of pics from a traditional handset of me.Enjoy!

ingredients (1) :
1 cup dark brown sugar/palm sugar
1 cup  granulated sugar
3 cups of water
pinch of salt

* cook  this altogether until the sugar dissolve and let it cool

Ingredients (2) :
1 1/2 cup flour
1 cup tapioca flour
1 tsp kapur makan + 1 tbsp water (slaked lime -do correct me if im wrong in translation)

Method :
  • Do prepare ur steamer first.. 
  • When the sugar syrup has cooled down, in a big bowl mix altogether with the flour mixture.
  • Strain the batter as u dont want any lump in the kuih later on..
  • Then pour into a baking tin and steam for 20 minutes in a
    steamer (in depends on what size ur baking tin is... the thicker the longer.. ) but steam it for about 20 - 30 mins.. 
  • When cooked, let it cool, thereafter cut it up and serve with
    the grated coconut mixed with a bit of salt.

Friday, January 20, 2012

classic tiramisu

these days, there are many variations of tiramisu..but the best still the classic where it used basic and constant ingredients of  ladyfingers, zabaglione or sabayon with mascarpone cheese..can be prepared in advance and kept in the fringe and serve it cold.. my first attempt at making this luscious delight.. it seems a bit complicated where all the ingredients i made started from scratch , the ladyfingers but fortunately it can be prepared in advance,but the satisfaction from it so uphill... dont be afraid, be patient .. no baking action here just a slight cooking on the stove... except for the ladyfingers biscuits (u need to bake this) unless bought it from nearby store.. but where i live here .. there is none available.

okay.. for the classic italian tiramisu they used raw eggs but to be extra careful of the bacteria inside the raw eggs, it is recommended to cook the yolks brain-marie (double boiler) and to substitute whipped cream for the egg whites.

ok, first step im gonna teach u how to make HOMEMADE lady fingers... must have mixer unless ur muscles work very well along the journey.. if u cant find the storebought ladyfingers, may substitute with kuih bahulu(taste almost..).. or any plain white angel cake (no butter cake okay.. it taste different)...

the ingredients u need...

1 cup (135 gm) all purpose flour
6 yolks
6 egg whites
1/2 cup (115 gm sugar)
vanilla extract im using essence
powdered sugar for dusting i used icing sugar

How to make?
  • preheat ur oven to 180 Âșc  ...prepare ur baking tray with parchment paper and set aside....now move on ...  need two bowls here, one for the yolk and one for the whites
in a mixing bowl, add in the yolk and vanilla in... whip until u get the thick consistency like a runny ribbon and the colour of the yolk a bit paler.. beautiful yellow pastel.Set aside
add in the egg whites and sugar and whisk until u get a glossy,stiff meringue shape like a fallen beak
    scrape the whisked yolk to the meringue and flour gradually with spatula until mixed together but not overfold with some yellow streaks may remain

Place in the piping bag and pipe into long fingers or spread evenly onto two baking sheets.Dust with powdered sugar and let sit for a minute. Dust a second time and place in the oven until golden brown, about 10 minutes.
baked ladyfingers have delicate crunch.

Now done with the biscuits. move on to making the cheese filling..
for the filling
 4 egg yolks
 1/2 cup (100 g) sugar
 half of lemon juice
 1 tub (500 g) mascarpone cheese at room temperature
 1 cup heavy whipping cream

·         Beat the egg yolks in a heat proof bowl or in the bowl of a double boiler until they become fluffy. Beat in the sugar . . .. . . and the lemon juice and whisk until the cream thickens.
Prepare the cheese filling

  •   Mash the mascarpone cheese in a bowl with a rubber spatula until creamy.  
  •   Add the zabaglione into the mascarpone cheese and beat to mix very well.
  • Whip the cream. Fold the whipped cream into the zabaglione cheese cream until smooth.
 preparing the coffee dip

·         Prepare a strong espresso coffee, about 1½ cups (360 cc).
·         Dissolve 2 teaspoons of sugar in the coffee when the coffee is still hot. Let the coffee cool to room temperature. 

assembling the cake

·         Lightly soak the ladyfingers in the coffee, one at a time. Place them in one layer
·         Evenly distribute half of the zabaglione cream over the ladyfingers.
Repeat the step with a second layer of ladyfingers and top with the rest of the cream