Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kuih Cara Manis (mini pancake with melted sugar filling)

Ingredients :

2 C flour
2 C water
1/2 C coconut milk
1 egg
pinch of salt
some pandan paste or green food coloring

How to ?

First, u need to prepare the batter.. for me its a rather simple method.Dump... erk.. ok, put everything in a bowl and whisk everything until well incorporated.Well the faster way. u may use the technology... that is THE BLENDER.. either one ,OK ??This kuih is specially baked in the cara mould, but if u don’t have it... no worries.. just use regular small muffin pan but the results might not be the same..don’t blame me for that..for the same mould i can make the kuih bahulu, cara berlauk, akok berlauk or even mini apple pie with different shapes... worth the investment i must say...

Back on track...

After the blending/whisking moment... for better mixture u can set it aside for minutes then the batter will thickens slightly... not too runny nor too thick..

A must thing to do, heat the mould ON THE STOVE and grease some oil or it will stick.Low heat... not smokey hot..then pour the mixture into the mould and straight away ... in the middle of each kuih, top with a tiny teaspoon of sugar.Immediately the sugar will sink to the bottom and melting away.

Cover the mould with anything that fits so that the heat will stays inside and keep continuing cooking the kuih.I just use my old skool pot lid.precious....

The kuih will ready in few minutes.You’ll notice the mixture will shrink slightly and the green colour became darker.Fork it out, put on plate.While they still warm, sandwich them together .Done.


  1. sedapnya mai kuih cara ni dah lama akak tak makan... nanti boleh lah akak cuba resepi dari mai ni..

  2. trima kasih kak... sgt2 adore k ita punya blog...

  3. salam mai...
    kalau mai nak buat 1/2 adunan mai guna sukatan cawan yg kak Ummi punya resepi tu... kalau guna sukatan gelas adunan mmg dapat banyak dan sesuai untuk buat majlis atau keramaian..

    gelas yg digunakan akak rasa gelas minuman yg selalu kita pakai untuk minum dalam... 250 ml

  4. ok kak,, trima kasih.. kiranya satu gelas tu = satu cawan jugak la kan... best2...

  5. salam perkenalan kak mai...
    baru semlm saya mkn kuih ni kat yasin rumah mak. ada org bg. 1st time tgk..dan 1st time mkn. mmg sedap kuih ni.

  6. yg penting pki santan segar, bukan santan kotak.. br lemak... mmg sedap... ank2 suka sbb ada air gula tu..tq

  7. mai aku dah pakai santan kotak biasa la kan ... budak2 suka , mai update la lg kuih2 traditional ganu