Friday, March 25, 2011

Basboosa ( a.k.a just a kiss )

This is my second attempt of making a basbousa after years.A basbousa is a very very buttery and sweet dessert traditionally served in Middle Eastern countries, primarily Egypt where sugar syrup is drizzled over the top of the cake after bake in the oven. Basbousa is traditionally served with tea or coffee. I have to say this was one of my favorite and satisfying baking escapades!

Ingredients :

2 cup semolina flour
¾ cup yoghurt
¼ cup sugar
½ cup melted butter
1 cup milk
2 tbsp melted ghee
1 tsp baking powder

How to make the cake/basbousa:
  1. Preheat the oven first
  2. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
  3. Pour the mixture into the baking dish, take a butter knife and make square lines and leave it aside for about 10 mins .
  4. Put it in the oven and bake the cake until it turned golden brown.
  5. While its cooking, make the sugar syrup.

Syrup :

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp rosewater

  1. Combine the water,rosewater, sugar and lemon juice in a small saucepan.
  2. Heat the syrup on medium heat until it comes to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer the sugar syrup for about 20 minutes.
  3. Let the syrup cool slightly before pouring it on the Basbousa, because as it cools, the syrup will thicken.
  4. When the cake is done, slowly pour the cooled syrup over the hot cake. Let the cake soak the syrup and set it aside for 15 mins or so.

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