Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pengat Pisang (Banana with palm sugar in coconut milk)

There are still few n3s pending over this week.Sigh.. my girl, Sara is just not feeling well.. Last night she had a fever and today she is just very mopey and tired.. What do you do to make your child happier and feel better???She started vomiting 4-5 times a day, ate nothing than my milk..Is it something transferable from me to my child???I am worried...

I made this pengat when i thought she might just like this one as she used to... at least..Making this does not consume much time, so i surely not worried while watching my girl bedrest... I finished making this within 15 mins only...faster than baking cakes or cookies..

Ingredients :

5 bananas( young banana with slightly soft texture, not fully ripe)
1 gula melaka (palm sugar)
1 cup coconut milk (substitute- full cream milk or evaporated milk)
1 1/2 cup water
1 tbsp sago pearls (optional as thickening agent)
1/4 cup sugar (really depends on how sweet you want)
a screwpine leaf - tied
pinch of salt

How to make ?

I recommend you to use a banana that slightly ripe as this will gives the bit of tartness and sweetness to the kuah(gravy).So there`s no mushy flavour.Slice the bananas bout 1 inch think or as you prefer.
Combine all the ingredients in a pot as seen.. then turn on the heat.Some recipes they told you to melted the sugar , boil the water first but i made this many times before.. that is not necessary.. trust me..
At this point, keep stirring... you don't want the coconut milk to split and curdle..Let it simmer.

How should you know that this pengat is done?You'll see all the bananas will float on the surface.Ok, stop stirring for a minute.

Then, it started to form bubbles...wait till you see a thick bubbles and quickly turn of the heat.Keep stirring, again ....for a bout a minute or two..

walla.. it's done...let it cool so the bananas can soak up all the sweetness of the palm sugar.It is best served chilled.

@1.30 a.m.....Arsenal-1, Liverpool-1 after last minute penalty... now i can go to sleep..

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